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  While pulling weeds today, and I tell you there are a lot if those buggers, it occurred to me just how resilient they are. You spray, chop, pull, dig, spray some more and what do you get….. more WEEDS.   We can learn something from these troublesome plants.  What could we possibly learn from a weed you might ask?  Well, I believe we could take notes on how persistent they are.  We could apply that persistence to our own lives when we are pursuing our purpose.  Just think, whenever things don’t  go as you had planned or those times when you want to throw in the towel, how persistent and resilient the weeds are.  No matter what happens they keep on coming back; they keep living.  Don’t through in the towel, keep coming back again and again just like the pesky bothersome weeds.


Live, Laugh, Love

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Cries In the Night

dvribbonAround 5:30 this morning I was awakened from my sleep with a the overwhelming feeling of fear.  This feeling of fear did not come from any sound that I heard, but it came from the dream that I was having.  In this dream there was a woman who was being constantly abused by her husband.  I could see everything that was happening to her and feel the undescriable fear that she felt.  Her fear of not wanting to go home or be alone with this man because she never knew what was going to happen.  It did not matter what she did or how she did it, he was never satisfied.   Even when she did things exactly as he asked, she was subjected to some form of abuse.  One scene from the dream that  stands out vividly is the husband dragging his wife through the house as she screamed and wriggled trying to free herself from his grasp.  Although it was only a dream for me, it was all too real for the woman.  There was nothing that I could do to help her because I was only a spectator.

While this was just a dream for me, this scenario plays out too often in real life for so many women, children and men; that’s right men are subjected to domestic violence as well.  Here are some interesting facts: An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year; 85% of domestic violence victims are women; one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.  Having worked with more than 200 women and children who were subjected to some form of domestic violence, I can tell you that the affects can be long lasting.  However, there are people and resources out there to help victims of domestic violence.  If you or anyone you know is in a relationship that is violent or has the potential to become violent, please let them know that there is help and they can leave the situation.

Here are a few resources:    The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Surviving Domestic Violence: National Coalistion Against Domestic Violence


As always remember to Live, Laugh, Love