The Love of Life


To be able to love the life that you are living, you have to be living the life that you love.  Are you doing anything that stimulates you, makes you feel alive or gives you the happiness that you are looking for?  I hope that you are not just wasting time “existing”.  In my blog post “Existing”,  I talk more about letting life pass you by while “existing” and some ideas on how to spice up your life.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s time to “Get Up, Get Out, and Get In”!  Each day I’m learning how to live the life I love and to do it on my own terms.  If you don’t try then you’ve already failed.

Remember to always Live, Laugh and L.O.V.E.


Question Mark

IMG_1430.JPGWhat was I thinking when I decided to begin writing a blog? Really? When I decided to undertake this task I just knew it was going to be fun and exciting, but I didn’t realize it would be more difficult than writing the 40 page final project for my Masters degree. Who knew that trying to develop content was so difficult; I didn’t. I can say with great pride, when it comes to writing for the blog, I am “consistently inconsistent”. This must change and change immediately.


Cries In the Night

dvribbonAround 5:30 this morning I was awakened from my sleep with a the overwhelming feeling of fear.  This feeling of fear did not come from any sound that I heard, but it came from the dream that I was having.  In this dream there was a woman who was being constantly abused by her husband.  I could see everything that was happening to her and feel the undescriable fear that she felt.  Her fear of not wanting to go home or be alone with this man because she never knew what was going to happen.  It did not matter what she did or how she did it, he was never satisfied.   Even when she did things exactly as he asked, she was subjected to some form of abuse.  One scene from the dream that  stands out vividly is the husband dragging his wife through the house as she screamed and wriggled trying to free herself from his grasp.  Although it was only a dream for me, it was all too real for the woman.  There was nothing that I could do to help her because I was only a spectator.

While this was just a dream for me, this scenario plays out too often in real life for so many women, children and men; that’s right men are subjected to domestic violence as well.  Here are some interesting facts: An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year; 85% of domestic violence victims are women; one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.  Having worked with more than 200 women and children who were subjected to some form of domestic violence, I can tell you that the affects can be long lasting.  However, there are people and resources out there to help victims of domestic violence.  If you or anyone you know is in a relationship that is violent or has the potential to become violent, please let them know that there is help and they can leave the situation.

Here are a few resources:    The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Surviving Domestic Violence: National Coalistion Against Domestic Violence


As always remember to Live, Laugh, Love

3 Men, A Dog & 1 Woman?

What does three men, a dog and one woman have in common?  Well at first glance nothing, but after a little digging you’ll see we have several things in common.  We all met briefly while hiking in one of the beautiful East Bay Regional Parks in Oakland California.

While the HoneyBee and I were out hiking in the beautiful Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA.  two weeks ago, we had the pleasure and opportunity to meet some very friendly people along the way.  Wait, before I get into that let me tell you about the experience of  the hike and walking beneath giants.

Well, let me tell you if you haven’t seen a redwood tree you have missed seeing one of the most magnificent sights ever and if you’ve had the opportunity to see some redwoods then you know what I’m talking about.  Now let me tell you about walking beneath hundreds of these magnificent giants, it’s something very spiritual and almost humbling.  So, our day started out around 8:30 am when we arrived at the Redwood Bowl Staging Area where we parked our car and begin our hike.  We started out on the West Rim Trail which is nice and shady.  We followed the West Rim Trail until we reached Orchard Trail which started our downward descent into the lower area of the park.  Before we started down my HoneyBee said, “Jeanine, you know if you go down you have to come up somewhere”.  Me being me said, “I know, I know let’s go I’ll be okay”.  He warned me one last time, but me being me just I kept on going. Read the rest of this entry »

My How You’ve Changed

Change – to become different; to make (someone or something) different; to become something else

Change.  It’s a normal occurrence that we all go through at some point in our lives, some more than others.  Some of us welcome change with open arms and others hate to see it coming in their direction.  The problem is when you want things or people around you to change to make you feel more comfortable.  I’ve got something to tell you; you can’t change anyone or anything.  The only place where you can affect change is within yourself.  Yes, that’s right it all begins with you.  If you want to live the life you have always envisioned for yourself, you have to go after your dreams.  If you want to live a happier life with less stress and more peace, you have to make it happen.  It won’t be easy, but you have to take the initiative to move your life into the direction that you want.  I promise you it will be well worth all of the hard work and sacrifices that you will make.  No one owes you anything in this life and you cannot continue sitting around waiting for opportunities to come knocking at your door.  No more excuses or playing the blame game, the choice is yours.

Here’s something to think about, what is one thing that you can change today that will help you start your journey to living the life you want and deserve?  Remember anything is possible you just have to have faith and trust in God.  Live, Laugh, Love

I Worship the Ground You Walk On?

Who or what do you worship?  Are you worshiping a person, lifestyle, money, clothing, cars or something else?  Often times we turn our attention away from our main focus of worship, God, and we spend time worshiping insignificant materialistic things like the ones mentioned previously.  Our purpose is to worship God not sometime, not when it is beneficial to us, but all the time.  When Jesus was being tempted by Satan he told him in Matthew 4:10 CEB “Go away, Satan because it’s written, You will worship the Lord your God and serve only him.” Now don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way; I’m not saying that you can’t want or have nice things.  What I am saying is that those nice things should not be revered or shown adoration.  Yes, you should take care of them and respect what you have, but any reverence and/or adoration should be shown to God and him only.  The bible tells us that we are to “worship God in spirit and truth”, John 4:23-24.  I believe that worshipping people, lifestyles, money, etc. holds us back from receiving everything that God has for us. When we turn our focus away from the material and focus on the spiritual there is a positive shift that takes place in our lives.

When has worshiping a person, lifestyle, money, clothing, cars or something else ever gotten anyone anywhere?  Never, the only thing anyone may have ever received from this is to land in the poor house or emotionally scarred.  It’s time to move beyond the material trappings of life and set our sights on spiritual growth.  Let’s take the necessary steps to begin the process of growth.  Even if you don’t believe in God, you must admit that materialistic worship robs you financially, spiritually and emotionally.  The purpose of this is to help as many people live the best life possible.

As always remember to Live, Laugh, Love