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Tricks and Traps

Why are you wasting time, goofing off, complaining, falling for every trick and trap that the enemy can throw at you?  Think about it, “Jesus came so that we could have life and have life more abundantly”, John 10:10.   When Jesus died on the cross, he gave you the wonderful gift of life.  Life is already yours, you don’t have to search for it;  all you have to do is live your life completely.  How would you feel if you gave your life so that others could live and they didn’t honor or respect the sacrifice that you made for them?  I don’t think it would make you or anyone else feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside; I know I wouldn’t be too happy about it.  Thank God it wasn’t a mortal man who had to give his life!

This journey, life, that we are all on is not meant to be passive.  If you want to  follow your dreams and live your life on purpose, you have to get in the game and be an active participant in your own life.  Yes, you may have made some mistakes or have been hurt in the past.  This is true for everyone, but you have to find some way to move beyond all of this.  It may require you to address and take care of these issues before you live your life.  If this is the case, take care of them because they are doing nothing but holding you captive. It’s time for you to be free of your past mistakes and anguish. It’s time that you live your life and live it on purpose.  Listen, you’ve heard this stuff before however, this time should be different because this time you are ready to do what it takes to live your life on purpose.  You know better than anyone what needs to be done so that you can live the life that you have always dreamed about.  You can do it in spite of your past; you can do it no matter who has said that you can’t because God says that you can.

Here’s a suggestion to get you started.  If you haven’t done this before, find yourself a quiet place and spend a few moments thinking about and writing down the things that are holding you back.  Pray and ask God to reveal to you the ways in which you should handle each issue.  Sit back and wait for his answer.  Then move when the Spirit tells you to move; do exactly what you are told.  Now you may get some answers right away and it may take some time for others nevertheless, let God guide you through this process.  If you’re not a believer in Jesus Christ or God, that’s okay because you still can benefit from addressing your past so that you can live the life that you deserve.  Now, if you need professional help that’s up to you to seek out the professionals that can help you such as counselors, therapist, psychologist, etc.  What you do from this point on, is all up to you.

Live, Laugh, Love


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