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How is your time spent?

Posted in Question of the Week?

Self Talk

How do you talk to yourself?  What is your internal dialogue, negative or positive?  If you are talking to yourself negatively the majority of the time then it will be very difficult to have a positive outlook about anything in your life.  If you put “garbage in” you will get “garbage out”.  Instead of the internal negative playlist, gradually begin to replace the negative with positive.  It will be difficult at first, but the only way to make progress and not fail is to try.  Choose one negative thing that you say about yourself and every time you think it or say it, immediately replace that thought with a positive.  It will take time and you will have to practice this exercise daily.

Come on let’s try it together!  Here’s one, “It’s going to be a bad day.”  Replace that with, “Today is going to be a wonderful day.”  You can do this, I know you can!

Remember to LOVE (Live Our Vision Everyday)!  JNick