All that I have is today; this moment in time.  There is no more yesterday and tomorrow is just a glimmer of hope.  All that I have is today; this moment in time.

Today to live my life to the fullest.  Today to love and be loved.  Today to live, laugh and love.  Yesterday has passed and can never be changed.  Tomorrow is to far away to even consider.  Today is the present; a gift from God.

~Jeanine Nicholas~


Mind, Body & Spirit

Welcome!  I am so excited to have you join me for the Mind, Body and Spirit series.  This is something new for me and I feel deep down that this is going to beneficial to everyone who decides to follow this series.  I believe that women, myself included, need to take the time to honor all of who we are.  We need to come into a place of acceptance of ourselves and each other.  There needs to be more LOVE between us and less drama;  we need to take back our power and become the women that God created.  The series will begin with the Mind and how our thoughts impact behavior, feelings and our overall being.

So, get ready for some laughter, tears and growth!  Remember to LOVE always!