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Coming Soon

Hello there everyone!  In the coming weeks I will begin a series called Mind, Body and Spirit.  I am so excited about this new series.  In the Mind, Body and Spirit series I/we will discuss various aspects of what we can do to Live Our Vision Everyday through improving our thoughts (Mind), health (Body) and the inner self (Spirit).  I have lots to share with you and I know that you will enjoy the information that I share with you.  My goal with this series and this blog is to inspire everyone to find their purpose, share their gifts and to live the exceptional life that God has designed for you.  Remember to LOVE!

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Where Have You Been?

Hello everyone!  Yes, it’s me and I’m back from an inexcusable and unplanned hiatus.  Just as I was getting started I stopped, but not to worry because I am back and I have some exciting things to share with you in the coming weeks.  I’ve started to hone in on my purpose for this blog and what it will be used for, and that I will share with you in the coming weeks.  I’m putting together material for several series of post that I will share and maybe a couple of seminars.  I’m really excited about my new-found purpose for the blog and I know that you will enjoy what I have planned to share with you all.  That’s it for now and I promise that there isn’t another long hiatus in sight.  So remember to LOVE always!  JNICK